Our journeys Brazil / Rio de Janeiro

Committed to helping women in the favelas of Rio, we are pleased to be associated with a social project around crafts, inspired by an upcycling technique. This braiding technique, entirely carried out by hand, makes it possible to recycle scrap paper from printing works in exceptional bags and jewelry.

For the production of a bag, 27 sheets of rough paper are recovered, reprinted to customize the graphics, laminated to provide resistance and a shiny effect and then transformed by hand, using a Mayan technique for recycling paper. It takes around 4 hours for our craftswomen to make a bag completely. Each one is specialized on one or two precise stages, which it is free to choose.

This artisanal production aims at empowering women in favelas by promoting their professional integration, by giving them access to a fair source of income, a source of hope of seeing their children grow up in better conditions and the pride of taking part in an ambitious and international project.