Our journeys Guatemala / Santiago Atitlan

The fabric tradition of Guatemala is very strong and hides an incredible Maya meaning! It is at the edge of the Lake Atitlán, in the area of Sololá, (Highlands of Guatemala), that each product of the weaver association of Santiago Atitlan is carefully developed by the innovative hands of its members.

A traditional know-how

We only use hand woven fabrics. The techniques used respect the ancestral Mayan art of weaving on a belt loom (the top of the loom is hung on a branch or something solid while the other part is retained by means of a strap passing at the bottom of the weaver’s kidneys).

This is why each piece is unique and offers harmony and warmth of the typical designs of the Guatemalan regions. A great way to introduce you to the talent of our weavers and to take you on a journey!

Weaving our future

By consuming fashion differently, we can change the world of tomorrow. In association with Naobé, designer of these magnificent bags, we are part of a sustainable development approach, on a human scale. What matters to us, ethical and fair trade. Working directly with Guatemalan weavers allows us to create a virtuous circle that benefits everyone equally. All of Naobé’s partner weaver associations hold the World Fair Trade Organization label.

Thanks to this label, we are guaranteed that our partners respect social and ethical values, ensuring fair remuneration for weavers. But also that supplies are made responsibly, with a limited impact on the environment. The bags and accessories are made entirely by hand, their colors are displayed on woven cotton, the finishes are in recycled leather. The unique pieces designed by Naobé for El Pelicano are made to last and why not be passed down from mothers to daughters, like the know-how that was used by our weavers to bring them to life!