Eagle Eye


Necklace encircled in golden grass (capim dourado) 3mm with a pendant in the shape of a drop, in semi-precious stone from Brazil. Atypical, elegant and discreet, this model invites to peace and appeasement.

Pendant: Eagle Eye Quartz
Vegetable gold necklace: choker composed of a metal rod encircled with golden grass & gold-plated fasteners and clasp.
No nickel or zinc in the alloy: hypoallergenic.

Capim Dourado is a herbaceous species of Eriocaulaceae that occurs in the region of Jalapão, state of Tocantins, Brazil. Its main characteristic is its brilliant and golden color, hence its common name “capim dourado”, which literally means “golden grass”.

This capim dourado jewel is handmade, by the craftswomen of Jalapão (Brazil) and is a unique piece

One size and adjustable

SKU: Gipsy Black

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gemstones of Brazil, Goldengrass