Our journeys Brazil / Jalapao

Golden grass (Capim dourado) is a unique grass, with a white flower on a golden stalk. It is found in the Jalapao region in Brazil, in the state of Tocantins in the heart of Brazil. When the stalks of the plant reach maturity and become golden in colour, they are then harvested. This takes place between September and November only in order to protect the grass, because the Brazilians take great care in preserving their heritage. The people living in the villages near to the territory weave the plant using the traditional methods.

The Legend

Legend has it that in the 15th century, the last Inca king, Atahualpa, had to hide the Inca treasure in a secret place, on account of the Spanish conquest of South America that was raging at that time. 
Atahualpa asked for his treasure to be transformed into gold powder and entrusted to the wind god who, with one puff, sent it towards a little-known plain of Brazil and returned it to the mother earth, the Pachamama. Thus a unique plant was brought into being in Amazonia.

Philosophy and values

We partner with a small French company, who works hand in hand with the local craftspeople, and insists on contributing to the preservation and development of this exceptional craft

  • guaranteing the sustainability of respectful relationships,
  • valuing their artisan ancestral craftskills
  • and designing exclusively eco-friendly and handmade products. 

Exportation norms are also complied with thanks to the absence of toxic metals in the materials used for clasps, that are guaranteed cadmium, nickel and lead free.

We are proud to share the brazilian culture, offering beauty, comfort and style with high quality products, contributing to the preservation of these communities

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